Saturday, November 13, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/13/10: Ducks Take Me Back Eleven Years, Gateway Photo Shoot, Basil Curry at Yi Shen

1.  The Ducks' 15-13 win over Cal today took me back to November 13, 1999 when Oregon defeated Cal, in Berkeley, 24-19 and the game came down to the last minute and I listened to it in a hospital bed, just a day or so after I'd come out of the coma I'd been in since November 9 when the Walshes rushed me to the hospital and I was wheeled into the ER with bacterial meningitis, and I remember feeling uplifted, despite being so seriously ill, by the Ducks' gallant effort that day.  Today I was relieved.

2.  Russell and I went to Gateway Mall to get out of the rain and shoot pictures.  I haven't decided yet whether to post any of mine.  I need to return to them and see if they look any better tomorrow than they did today.  Russell's are superb, and, who knows, I might feel better about mine after some time has passed.

3.  I tried a new dish at Yi Shen today:  Basil Curry over rice with pork.  Loved it.

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