Sunday, November 7, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/06/10: Blue Afternoon, Lawn Chair Salon, Canon S90

1.  The morning cloudiness gave way to a clear afternoon, as is apparent in this picture I took of the underside of leaf in the Whitaker Neighborhood.

2.  I was in the Whitaker Neighborhood here in Eugene because it's where Russell and I took our weekly photography safari this week.  It's a perfect place for taking pictures:  colorful, rarely generic, and sometimes eccentric.  For example, these were the lawn chairs in front of one residence:

3.  Russell and I have been talking about cameras and the subject of the Canon S95 came up and Russell pulled out his Canon S90 and let me take pictures with it.  I photographed this sign of dismay in the Whitaker Neighborhood and Russell studying the countless staples blanketing this fence near the sign.

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