Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/16/10: God Essays, Potato Surprise, Rarity of Reconciliation

1.  My students are revising their essays exploring their sources of happiness and it's heartening to to help those who regard God as the Source from which all happiness originates express this truth in ways that have integrity in an academic setting. 

2.  I didn't know that the potatoes the Deke prepared as a side to tonight's pork chops was a combination of russet and sweet potatoes and I loved the surprise of popping a surprise chunk of sweet potato in my yap when i thought it was going to be russet.

3.  One of my students and I are the same age and we had a long talk about her happiness paper and began to talk about what a rare experience reconciliation between broken parties is, but how sometimes the first steps toward reconciliation can arise out unexpected events, such as her son asking that both she and the son's father both be at his high school graduation. 

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