Monday, November 29, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/27/10: Duck Fan Betting Man, Vietnamese/Chinese Double Dip, Ushpizin

1.  I ate Eggs Benedict at GJ's alone and listened to person after person, at table upon table, analyze Boise State's heart crushing loss and Auburn's superb win.  The last comment I heard as I was leaving was from a Duck fan:  "Man, I love the Ducks.  You know I love the Ducks.  But, man, it's money. My money.  I'm layin' my bet down on Auburn. Family first.  I can't be losin' money."

2.  I've never done this before:  I double dipped.  First I went to Yi-Shen and sat down for a plate of Yakisoba noodles and then, hankering for some pork fried rice, got the combo dinner special to go from Jade Palace and ate the Mar Far chicken and pork fried rice.  I didn't eat the crunchy noodle vegetarian chow mein.  I didn't like it. 

3.  I watched the intriguing Israeli movie, "Ushpizin".  "Ushpizin" tells the story of an Orthodox Jewish couple who have little money and who, according to the requirements of tradition, host two guests (Ushpizin) who show up unexpectedly.  They are prison escapees and because they arrive during the celebration of Succoth, the couple must take them in. The visit tests the couple in multiple ways.  I thoroughly enjoyed being invited into this world of Orthodoxy I had never visited before and watching such a humane story unfold.  

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