Saturday, November 27, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/26/10: Photos with Russell and Mary, Movie Memories, Drunken Noodle Problem Solving

1.  Mary is Russell's wife Anne's sister.  She came to Eugene from back east for Thanksgiving.  Mary likes taking pictures and has enjoyed viewing Russell's photos over the last many months since Russell and I started shooting on Saturdays.  She joined us today.  Russell and I enjoy taking pictures in the Whiteaker neighborhood and thought Mary would enjoy strolling and shooting there, too.  She did.  I sure enjoyed having Mary join us and seeing the pictures she posted.

2.  Over the course of our stroll, the subject of movies came up and Mary and I got to talking about a string of movies from about 1977-1982 or so that we enjoyed back then:  "Chilly Scenes of Winter", "The Return of the Secaucus 7", "Cutter's Way" -- I added "Tell Me a Riddle" and "Between the Lines".  These were movies I was obsessed with around the time of the demise of my first marriage (a coincidence) and when I returned home I thought of others:  "Inserts", "Heart Beat", "Melvin and Howard", "Local Hero" and on and on.  I remembered Cinema 7, the Magic Lantern, my 1982 Betamax....I'm surprised I could even shoot a photograph.  My mind was so filled with cinematic pleasures and memories.  It was fun to share some of my Private Eccentric Pleasures. 

3.  With the world of movies under control, Russell, Mary, and I solved the world's social and political problems over Thai food at Chao Pra Ya (since Yi Shen, to our disappointment, was closed...).  We did such a good job that when I got home I expected to read headlines on yahoo news that everything had fallen into place in the world, but, alas, it seems we didn't quite have the impact I'd hoped for.  But the talking was sure fun!

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inlandempiregirl said...

Check out The Magic Lantern... fancy coffee, bakery good. I have still never been there.