Saturday, November 13, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/11/10: Chris Supertramp Rufus Rumi, Wild Horse Seafood Buffet, Yakkin' it Up North Idaho Style

1.  When I go on trips like driving from Eugene to Pendleton, and when I have a car with a CD player, I never know what kind of impact the concerts I play for myself will have.  Today, somewhere out near The Dalles or Biggs or Rufus but before Boardman, I played Supertramp and, as always, "Take the Long Way Home" transported me back to 1996 and Linda Williams playing Martha in the LCC production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf", dancing in front of a mirror as prologue to the play and then I fast forwarded to Chris McCandless who called him self Supertramp in Into the Wild and I've always thought he wanted to find a home and realized while in Alaska that he needed others, was going to head back to his family, that he had taken the long way home, but died before he could get there.  And then, inexplicably, the Rumi tears came back when I was listening to "The Logical Song".  I don't know why I suddenly flashed on Coleman Barks and longing and how the love we long for suddenly appears in a teacher or a lover, and they were there all along, but the it's not really them.  Why did I experience "The Logical Song" as "The Illogical Longing Song"?  I don't know and I don't know why I have these times when Supertramp just plain knocks me out.  Like today.  Along the Columbia River.  On I-84.  Somewhere, say where Rufus is.

2.  Ed and I jawed for a while playing machines and then we explored The Wild Horse separately and reunited for steak, breaded shrimp, seafood salad, chicken, green beans, green salad, smoked salmon, and other seafood buffet delight washed down with a cold long-necked bottle of Budweiser beer. 

3.  Over dinner, as well as in the bar beforehand while we waited for our table, our yakking was good:  Shoshone County politics, who'd died recently in Shoshone County, Ed's work in Orofino and his enjoyable dining at the Ponderosa, among other places, and, to my great pleasure, Ed's praise for how friendly the people in Orofino are and how much he enjoyed working there. 

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