Sunday, January 2, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/01/11: New Photo Taking Friend, Deady Hall Seen Twice, Champagne of Bottle Beers

1.  Russell asked me if was all right if his friend, Sonie, joined us for our Saturday photo outing.  I said sure, not knowing that I would make a new friend and enjoy such delightful company.  I hope Sonie will be in town again before too very long and will join us once more.

2.  I spent quite a bit of time examining my pictures, which was really fun, especially since this was my first outing with my new Nikon D3100.  I like posting color and black and white photos of the same picture together.  Here's the same picture of Deady Hall on the University of Oregon campus, posted in color and in monochrome:

3.  Every once it a while the right mass produced USA lager hits the right spot at the right time and today, while having a burger at Dickie Joe's with Sonie and Russell, I ordered the Champagne of Bottle Beers, a Miller High Life.  I'd been hankering for a single bottle of the King of Beers.  Dickie Joe's didn't have any and so I settled for the Champagne of Bottle Beer and it turned out to please me very much.  Maybe more than the King would have.

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