Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/25/11: Understanding Dan O'Brien, Mama Leone's Chicken Soup, Basic Chicken

1.  I think my WR 121 classes made great progress today in understanding what Dan O'Brien's values are, what he finds valuable, and ranching in harmony with these values profoundly increases his happiness.  I enjoyed the passages my students chose to read aloud as a way of understanding O'Brien even better.  We are studying Buffalo for the Broken Heart.

2.  You'd think that the best thing about my lunch today was that I brought home a cup of Mama Leone's Chicken Soup, but the soup was the second best thing.  I put two slices of bread topped with sharp cheddar cheese under the broiler and that was what I enjoyed the most for lunch today, albeit as a complement to Mama Leone's Chicken Soup. 

3.  I baked chicken for dinner:  nothing creative, basic chicken; I put sweet onion in the pan with the chicken as well as a pan of potatoes; very basic; the green beans were basic, too.  Basically, these basic dinner items combined to make a great dinner.  My cooking pleased Adrienne and the Deke.  Pleasing them makes me very happy.

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