Saturday, January 29, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/28/11: Cathy and the Celtics at Billy Macs, Longing for LCC, Grandson Jack and the Deke

1.  I ended the day at Billy Mac's for a prime rib sandwich and couple of T and Ts.  I hadn't seen Cathy since she began taking Thursdays off to compete in her pool league.  It was great to see her again, but little did I know that she's from Massachusetts and is a Celtics fan (and Red Sox and Pats).  The Celtics were on television, depleted, resting the big guns, playing without Doc Rivers after he got kicked out, so nothing was going well for the C's, but it was sure fun getting in a few snippets of Celtics talk as Cathy whizzed by, making drinks, cleaning off plates, taking food out to customers, washing her hands, encouraging the kitchen, in short, keeping the restaurant under control. 

2.  I trotted out my Canon S95 for the first time this morning and took some pictures at LCC.  J, a Facebook friend who studied at Indiana University, had posted that she misses "the days of old school academia at Indiana University - sigh...I miss those ivy-laden buildings that reeked of absolute scholarship."  So, I thought about Lane Community College and the buildings and what I might long for if the day comes that LCC is in my past.  What might I be nostalgic about?

The days of 2011 academia?

That reeked of absolute scholarship?

The ivy-laden buildings?

It's too early to tell.

3.  I also tried out the Canon indoors to see what kind of pictures I might snap of Jack, sleeping while the Deke read her fourth graders' autobiographies:

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