Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/16/11: Party Flowers, Party Guests, You've Been Sentenced

1. It was fun going over to Carol's three hours early and taking pictures of the flowers Christy arranged for Mom's 80th birthday party.  Here's one example, with more to come on Facebook and a separate blog entry.

2.  Mom's birthday party was perfect.  The food plan worked, people enjoyed each other, the program Carol and Christy put on was fun, funny, and touching, and, best of all, Mary Idell West Woolum was happy.  I have pictures and am still sorting through them and will post them on Facebook and a blog post.  Here's one example:

3. After the party, our family settled into a rousing game of  You've Been Sentenced and heard a lot of hilarious sentences, creative ones, and absurd ones:  all of them inspired one rolling thunder of laughter after another. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bill, Thank you so much for your kind words about You've been Sentenced! We're thrilled that you had such a good time with it -- and shared it with the world. Susan McNeill
PS Belated Happy Birthday to your mom!