Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/13/11: WR 121 Help, Airport Easiness, Fun with Skye at Shari's

1.  I reserved the last hour of today's WR 121 meeting to give students individual help who were struggling with things.  Paula had a lot of her paper written and I was not only able to give her some help, but her work gave me a ton of help understanding what she and other students were having trouble with.  She probably left our conversation grateful that I had helped her, but she, actually, might have helped me more.

2.  I arrived at Eugene's airport over two hours early, on purpose, for my flight to Spokane.  It made everything easier.  Relaxed that I had a legitimate boarding pass and got through security after my belt made the scanning machine ring, I sat in the Horizon boarding area and watched different people, listened to others complain to each other or on their cell phones, and boarded my flight to Portland and then Spokane.  They were both blissfully uneventful flights.

3.  Ed picked me up in Spokane and we went to Shari's for dinner and were waited on by a really good humored (and good looking) college-aged woman named Skye.  She assured me that the "Original" Chicken Fried Steak I ordered was Original and not fake and indulged Ed and me in a barrage of stupid jokes and comments.  We think she had fun waiting on us, but we know her willingness to play along and laugh with us made our meal very enjoyable.

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