Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/04/11: Jade Palace Take-Out, Classroom Television, My Sexy Voice

1.  I thought when I told Molly she could have anything she wanted for dinner on this, her last night of her five month stay with us, she would request that I cook something, like Buffalo wings.  Ha!  She did one better.  She asked for Jade Palace take out and it was superb.

2.  I'll try to recreate this scene:  in my 10:00 WR 121 classroom, off to the left and in front of the teacher's table, there's a television console about four and a half feet high.  It's kind of big.  A student of mine who goes from place to place on campus with a two wheeled cart to transport her books and stuff, had leaned her two-wheeler up against this television console in such a way it looked like the t.v. was the cart's freight.  I said to the student, and these were my first words in front of these new students, "You know, given where your cart is, it looks like you wheeled this television in here."  She and the students around her laughed heartily and then she said, "Well, you know, I just can't miss my soaps."  We all died laughing and a wonderful class session resulted.

3.  Jennifer at Dairy Mart, upon hearing me call out to the other cashier that I was buying an old-fashioned, said, "Doesn't he have a sexy voice?"  I love morning coffee and donuts at Dairy Mart!

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