Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/30/11: Mt. WR 121, Photo Review, Jack's Bucket Bath

1.  I've been working hard, really hard to help my WR 121 students understand a wide variety of writing challenges, everything from parenthetical citations to the use of the semicolon to paraphrasing research to writing insightfully about the question of happiness.  I've been working on two sets of papers for over five days and today I finished all the papers that have come in (more wait in the wings).  Even an almost sense of finishing these papers made me very happy.

2.  I've been enjoying looking at more of my pictures, trying to learn from them, seeing what they look like on my computer in full screen view.  I've been taking pictures since late 2006 and have never made a single print.  I think it's time.

3.  Adrienne bought a bucket to bathe Jack in and suddenly the Deke called out from the kitchen to get my camera, that Jack was in the bath bucket.  So I did and here are a few of the pictures of Jack:

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