Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/24/11: Ai, Where I'm From, Old-Fashioned Troxstar

1.  I really enjoy discussing the complicated, yet pretty simple, relationship between the man and woman in Ai's poem, "Why Can't I Leave You?" in Intro. to Poetry.

2.  My students spent three quarters of the Intro. to Poetry class time writing poems triggered by George Ella Lyons' "Where I'm From".

3.  We had lots of people over to see Jack, most notably and enjoyably, the Troxes.  The Troxstar requested an Old-Fashioned and I hit him with a strong one, but he took it like an old-fashioned manly man and was upright when he departed the premises.

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George Ella Lyon said...

Glad you are using my poem as a poem-starter for your students!

In case it's helpful, they can hear me read it on my website, and also find further writing suggestions based on their own WIF poem.

For all our voices,

George Ella Lyon