Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/23/11: Church of Our Home, Photo Catch Up, Canon S95

1.  I stayed in the church of our home this morning and wrote, getting caught up on Sibling Assignments.  I had a lot of fun fulfilling the latest assignments and look forward to reading what my sisters compose.

2.  I've taken a lot of pictures lately and spent the parts of the day when I wasn't writing, creating folders and creating Facebook albums, getting pictures out for friends and family to see -- especially the pictures of Mom's 80th birthday party.

3.  Speaking of taking pictures, I tried to by Christy and me each a Canon S95 soon after Christmas, but Canon sold out their whole inventory.  Today, however, the ones I ordered at Shutterbug arrived and I picked them up.  I'm sure Christy will enjoy hers and I'm happy to have a pocket-sized and pretty powerful camera. 

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