Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/10/11: Poetry Joy, Making Hot Chicken, The Game

1.  Teaching poetry sends me into a dimension of excitement and joy I love.  Today, I tried to help my students hear and appreciate the music of Shakespeare's Sonnet #30 and tried to help them experience the bliss as James Wright's "A Blessing" reaches its joyous conclusion.  I fear I'm having a private experience of deep pleasure in front of the class and that I'm alone in it, but this fear doesn't stop me from experiencing it over and over and over again.  And then again and again.  I hope there are students who join me.

2.  I arrived home from school and started right in frying drumettes and getting Frank's hot sauce and butter going to take over to Russell and Anne's to accompany Anne's pizza while we watched Oregon play Auburn.

3.  I enjoyed watching the game with Russell, Anne, and (for the first half) the Deke.  I enjoyed the company more than the game and the game was pretty entertaining.  But I had more fun talking about it as it developed, talking about other stuff, and eating our game food than I did actually watching the game.  Emotionally, I was flat toward this game after waiting thirty-seven days for it to be played.  It was that simple.

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