Friday, January 7, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/06/11: "Where's Olivia?", 3BT: In the Beginning, Diane Popped In

1.  I ambled into Billy Mac's to join friends for dinner.  When Allie saw me, he immediately asked his mother, Anne, "Where's Olivia?"  I assured him that Olivia was still wearing their go steady ring.

2.  Earlier in the day, Anne and I talked about the fact that she had posted her own version of Three Beautiful Things, but with some hesitation only because she didn't want me to think she was stealing my idea.  I then told her what I know of Clare and the origin of Three Beautiful Things at her blog.  Want to go there?  Just click here.

3.  I was relaxing online when suddenly Diane popped into my evening on Facebook chat and we began making plans for Diane and Eric and Patty and me and (maybe the Deke) to get together at Diane's for some food, drinks, stories, wise cracks, laughter, and music.  Much has happened in our lives since the last time Diane and Eric and I got together.  Remember?

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