Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/27/11: Working at Home, Mario in Spokane, Stew Talk

1.  I didn't do it once in fall quarter, but today I had to:  I took a day of sick leave to stay home and work without interruption to make some progress in getting caught up in paper grading.  I almost got caught up.  The temporary end is in sight.

2.  Instead of Billy Mac's, a bunch of us had Italian dinner at Mario's at the Friendly Street Market.  My favorite part of the night was when Mario sat down and told us about meeting a girl in Italy who was a student at Gonzaga and was born and raised in Eugene and how they fell in love and got married and lived in Spokane and when Mario told me he worked at Au Croissant and an espresso place whose name I can't get right and it was really fun to hear about his days in Spokane working at places I was once familiar with.

3.  I wrote an email to Julie about oregano in beef stew and found out today my message had gone into her spam folder and today she retrieved it and, although a week late (!), we had a brief back and forth about beef stew and time and oregano.  It was fun. 

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