Saturday, January 1, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 12/31/10 : George Foreman Redux, Helena!, Kellogg Calls, BONUS: Rocket Writes Touchingly

1.  I can't have enough George Foreman grill firsts:  first it was bacon, then it was pork chops, and today, today, yes, today it was bacon and THEN grilled cheese sandwiches with that bacon on them.

2.  My performance on the George Foreman grill was in support of a lunch visit from Chris and Melissa and their gorgeous baby daughter, Helena.  Helena is happy, growing beautifully, and a source of joy for her parents.  I've never been around so many babies in my whole life.

3.  I was relaxing, reading Snap Shots to Great Shots (we'll see) when Kellogg called.  Joni, Jake, Carol Lee, Sue, Stu, and Ed were all watching the Zags and having a few refreshments at Noah's Cantina and gave me a call and passed the phone around the table.   I wanted to be there, cracking wise, laughing, and telling tall tales. 

BONUS:  Rocket wrote a touching tribute to our college friendship and how we now have it again thanks to Facebook.  It's posted here, where Rocket writes beautifully about people lost and found in the year 2010.

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