Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/04/14: Navigating Huntington Station, Potomac Promises, Wallander Comes Alive

1.  I might have figured out in my head how to get from the bus stops on the north and south sides of Huntington station.  I think the key is using a parking garage elevator.  Soon I'll have to test this.  If I got it, some new travel possibilities open up and I'll be able to travel, with some ease, using both the Fairfax County Connector and Metrobus.

2.  I spent time today identifying places to walk in Alexandra to take pictures.  In particular, I want to do some Potomac River strolling.

3.  In tonight's episode, Kurt Wallander got himself deep into a case involving the sale of body organs and he went from being a spiritual/emotional dead man to one who came more alive -- and when faced with shooting a criminal again, made the choice that the story implies would bring a smooth, wealthy, narcissistic international criminal to justice.  

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