Saturday, August 16, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/15/14: Inertia Broken, Molly Likes Peach Beer!, Soup and Family

1. I broke some  inertia. I cleaned up my laptop's desktop.  I backed up all the pictures I hadn't backed up for a while and got other documents organized. 

2.  Molly was getting dinner ready and the Deke skyped from Nyack to tell us about the great taproom and bottle house she'd been to in Nanuet called the Growler and Gill and this led to Molly saying she'd like to try Flying Doghead's Festina Peche and she loved it and I enjoyed a glorious bottle of this peach infused, tart, very refreshing neo-Berliner Weisse along with Molly.  I'd called it a landmark moment in our seventeen years as (step)father and daughter!

3.  Molly fixed a divine potato soup and she fried bacon really crisp for a topping, along with grated Mexican cheese, and eating this superb soup together got Hiram, Molly, and I talking about how privileged we feel to have good family. 

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