Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/05/14: Getting to Upper Marlboro, Gary Serviced the Dead Battery, Cider at T. J. Stone's

1.  The Deke had what turned out to be a two and a half hour visit to Human Resources at the Prince Georges County School District.  What was good about this?  I drove the Deke to her meeting and I enjoyed getting to know the intertwining of interstates and state freeways and making our way to a place we'd never been before.

2.  I can be stupid.  Alert the media.  I can be stupid.  I ran the car battery out running the A/C and listening to the radio while waiting for the Deke.  I was stupid the way I did it.  But, the good news is that Gary from AAA came out and got us going again and I made a WTH purchase and had a new battery put in the car.  Gary was a great guy.  He gave me and the Deke a bottle of water.  He and I talked about basketball and he helped make a pain in the neck situation about as good as it could be.  Did I mention?  I can be stupid.  Ha!

3.  The Deke and I wound down after I was so stupid by returning to T. J. Stone's, a pretty decent neighborhood watering hole in Alexandria.  I hate to make comparisons, but just let me say it's not a Billy Mac's level joint, but it's not bad.  I was pretty dried out after the dead battery incident and what sounded perfect to me was a dry hard apple cider and our server, whose name I didn't catch, recommended a Strongbow and I loved it.  It was thirst quenching and pleasant tasting.  It was fun having a relaxing drink and a burger with the Deke after spending over four hours at the district office thanks to the mob of other employees seeking services inside and me, stupidly, killing the car battery outside.  Did I mention it was about 90 degrees and humid?  And, let me see, yeah, okay, I mentioned that I can be really stupid. 

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