Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/12/14: Grandpa at the Range, Molly Likes Pils, Groundwork and *The Wire*

1.  I got to do one of my favorite all things this morning:  fix bacon and eggs for David and Olivia.  It's fun being Grandpa at the stove in the morning.

2.  It's been a rough few days for Molly.  This evening, she appears to have come through it.  It makes me really happy when I can listen to what someone likes in a beer and then pick out a good one for that person.  I bought a six pack of Wright Pils from Great Lakes Brewing in Cleveland today with Molly in mind and she liked it.  That made me very happy. 

3.  Molly and Hiram have just started to watch The Wire and the Deke and I joined them tonight. They are at Season 1, Episode 3 and I watched in thinking, "Oh, man!  Wait until you see where all this is going with Omar and Lester and Daniels and the rest."  It's fun to see the groundwork being laid for really riveting stuff to come. 

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