Thursday, August 21, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/20/14: Target Kindness, Nap Therapy, Daytime Jeopardy Finale

1.  I'm having some difficulties securing a bottle of Lisinopril at the Richmond Hwy Target at the corner of Southgate Drive.  Same old, same old.  The prescription expired.  I had to call my Eugene doctor to get it renewed since I'm not established here.  I thought the Eugene had called Target, but found that hadn't happened yet.  On and on.  BUT, the pharmacy people at Target have been so pleasant to deal with that any frustration I might have felt never happened and, as a bonus, to help keep my blood pressure where it should be,  Rhadika, the pharmacist, gave me some pills to take until this gets straightened out. 

2.  The Deke and I talked about whether we were going to D. C. in the evening and I surprised myself with my crankiness on the phone.  I realized it was from not getting enough sleep and remedied that problem with a couple of afternoon naps. 

3.  The death of Don Pardo this week got me thinking about watching Jeopardy on weekday mornings at home in Kellogg and I wondered if I could hear Art Fleming say "thank you, Don Pardo" again when he entered the television studio.  Since, as I've heard, everything is on, I figured I could watch some old daytime Jeopardy footage and I was right.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the final episode of daytime Jeopardy, broadcast on Friday, January 3, 1975.  You can, too. Just click here.

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