Sunday, August 17, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/16/14: Wandering Around Old Town, Sushi at Momo, States and Capitals

1.  I took the bus to Old Town Alexandria and wandered around, checked out the Farmer's Market at City Hall Square, and enjoyed listening to a string quartet made up of members of the same family.

2.  Next door to Bilbo Baggins is a Japanese restaurant, Momo, and I stopped in for lunch and ate three orders of Nigiri sushi, eel, sweet shrimp, and sweet fried tofu and two spicy Maki rolls, scallops and tuna.  It was delicious and I always find the variety and the surprises of eating sushi a lot of fun.

3.  I also listened to a father quizzing his, I'd say, five year old daughter on states and capitals.  I silently chuckled as he told her the capital of W. Virginia was Wheeling and, until his wife corrected him, that the capital of New York was Buffalo.  I wanted to pass him a note, telling him that Charleston is the capital of W. Virginia, but I figured some day the family would figure it out. 

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