Saturday, August 9, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/08/14: Not a Lost Cause, Bringing the Dead to Life, Whole Foods BeerFest

1.  Well, the Deke had some business to tend to at the Prince George's County school district Human Resources office and arranged to meet one of her principals at her school so she could take pictures of her classroom.  So we hit the DMV (District/Maryland/Virginia) highways and, well, the district office was closed (strike one!) and the principal wasn't at the school (strike two!).  Ha!  It's funny how this sort of thing doesn't bother me like it might have when I was younger.  I enjoyed the drive with the Deke.  I enjoyed becoming more familiar with the area.  Neither the Deke nor I considered it a wasted early afternoon and decided the thing to do was go do some shopping at Whole Foods and enjoy some time at their little coffee/beer bar. 

2.  OK.  So the district office was closed.  Had it been open, we would not have been flagged down by a young man whose mother had done something to run down the battery of her car.  Yes!  That's right!  After I ran down the battery in our car on Tuesday, now here was someone on the same property with her battery run down.  Fortunately, we carry jumper cables with us all the time and, ha!, fortunately we had a new battery, and so we got these people's car running again and she canceled her service call to Geico. 

3.  That beer at Whole Foods?  Fantastic.  The Deke loved her Woody Stout brewed at Lost Rhino Brewing in Ashburn, VA.  I enjoyed a tasty IPA, the Corruption, from DC Brau, one of Washington DC's fine breweries.  Making the transition from those excellent WaOrCaliCo beers to these DMV beers is really fun and it's working out great. 

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