Monday, August 11, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/10/14: Safeway Guilt, Heavenly Soup, Golf on Twitter/Facebook

1.  When I obliviously took my full cart of groceries to the 15 or fewer Express Lane and loaded items onto the conveyor belt, I didn't get arrested or kicked out of Safeway.  No one called me a jackass.  Claudette, the checker, and the customers behind me seemed to realize I'd made a mistake.  Maybe my face turning pale, my trembling hands, and my being on the verge of guilt sobbing tipped them off that I wasn't pulling a fast one. 

2.  The Deke thawed those turkey drumsticks and made a thick turkey soup and dumplings.  OMG.  It was heavenly.

3.  With no television reception in the house, I followed the PGA Championship on Twitter, by keeping a tab open, and via live commentary on Facebook messaging from Rick. my lifelong friend who lives in Myrtle Beach.  Doing it this way helped me feel the thrill of Rory McIlroy's charge on the back nine to come from three strokes down and win his second consecutive major title. 

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