Thursday, August 7, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/06/14: I Know the Way to 9A, Pilsner Perfection, Couples Counseling

1.  Alexandria's Huntington Station is cut into a hillside.  It's bordered on the south by N. King's Highway and on the north by Huntington Avenue.  Today I figured out at least one way of walking from the bus bays on the south side to the bus bays on the north side.  It involved using a parking garage elevator.  To the casual reader, this might not seem like much, but for me it was a huge breakthrough in my continuing mission to learn as many ins and outs of public transportation as possible.

2.  Being able to walk from the Fairfax Connector (161) bay to the Metrobus (9A) bay at Huntington Station meant that I could take the bus into Old Town and get off a few blocks from Bilbo Baggins and meet the Deke for Happy Hour beer and 10" pizzas.  I enjoyed two pints of an exquisite pilsner:  Eggenberg Pilsner, brewed in Schloss Eggenberg, Austria.  I thought, my Lord, had the brewers of the macrobrewed pilsners I drank from about 1972-1984 and drank again starting in 1996 cared about making really good beer, I could have grown up drinking beer this good.  This afternoon, I felt like I was the drinking pilsner perfected, a feeling I last had at Novak's Hungarian Restaurant on March 8, 2013 in Albany, Oregon when I drank a pint of two of their crisp, light, and tasty house pilsner. 

3.  Tonight's grisly episode of Wallander ended with Kurt and his his first post-divorce girlfriend, Vanya, seeing a couples counselor.  I thought, "Whoa.  This relationship is over."  After the session, Kurt reveals a telling detail about his past dealings with this counselor.  It's all professional.  It felt like that revelation would end things once and for all between Kurt and Vanya. I'll see if my instincts are worth a hill of beans next time the Deke and I watch more Wallander

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