Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/14/14: Comfort of a Bed, Confused Corgis, Grocery Bag Excitement

1.  While the Deke and I figuring out where to live -- Virginia or Maryland?  near Molly and Hiram or near the Deke's job? -- Molly and Hiram are letting us stay with them.  I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room and I'm fine with that, no complaints whatsoever, BUT, I have to admit, that when the Deke left today to go to Nyack to visit Adrienne and Jack, I darted upstairs and laid down on the bed she's been sleeping in, enjoyed its comfort, and caught up on some of the sleep I've lost sleeping on the couch.  I look forward to a bit more comfortable night's sleep tonight, as well. 

2.  Another reason I holed up in the room upstairs was to keep Maggie and Charly behind a closed door with just me as company for a while.  Understandably, they are not quite sure what's going on.  One day they lived in Eugene.  Then they lived in a car for a long day.  Then they lived in Kellogg for about three weeks and then the car again and a motel in Rapid City and then an unfamiliar lake house on Lake Michigan and then back in the car and now this townhouse in Groveton/Alexandria.  They have two children to keep an eye on.  Charly is freaked out by the cat.  They don't want the old dog Yzerman coming into "their" room.  I think they wish we'd get our minds made up about where to live and settle in somewhere.  As I write this, they are both stretched out, relaxed, Charly on the bed,  Maggie on the floor.  They've been settled down for several hours now and I hope they enjoyed a more peaceful day and don't resent me keeping them away from all the things that rile them up. 

3.  Molly and Hiram returned today from the Ft. Belvoir Commissary and I couldn't help but wonder if Olivia and David feel any of the excitement when paper bags of groceries come into the house that I felt when Mom came home from her Saturday weekly grocery shopping spree at Stein's IGA when I was a youngster.  As Molly and Hiram unpacked Gatorade and grapes and chips and pretzels and breakfast cereal and lunch meat and many other goodies, I was suddenly back in Kellogg, happy that Mom had bought pop and potato chips and cans of green beans and ice cream and cans of chili and milk and orange juice and all the other stuff I loved to eat and drink as a kid.  I felt some of that same excitement today.  I guess it makes sense.  It is, after all, Throwback Thursday!

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