Friday, August 29, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/28/14: Holding Hands Again, Non-Attachment is Difficult, First Pumpkin Ale

1.  It was tedious going through every folder of my pictures in search of pictures I've taken of people holding hands, hugging, about to kiss, and with arms around each other, but I did it and now all of these pictures are located in one folder and are in a flickr album.  Now I need to find more people holding hands and doing the other stuff to take pictures of.  

2.  I'm doing my best to be faithful to Christian and Buddhist ideals of non-attachment.  Back in about October of 2012, an external hard drive of mine crashed and with it went a ton of my pictures.  Luckily, I kept the memory cards and recovered many of the photographs, but today I realized that there's a serious gap in the chronology of my picture taking in 2011 and I'm doing all I can to not be attached to these can I be attached?  They don't exist....but, it's painful to have lost the pictures I took when Carol, Christy and I went on a sibling outing and did the following:

  • Ate breakfast at Sam's in Kellogg
  • Drove over Moon Pass
  • Stopped in Avery and poked around
  • Drove the mean streets of Calder
  • Stopped at the Marble Creek Interpretive Site, and learned about logging practices in the early 1900s
  • Drove to Clarkia
  • Left Clarkia to go the nearby ranger station to get a clearer idea of how to get to the Hobo Cedar Grove
  • Drove to the Hobo Cedar Grove
  • Walked an interpretive nature trail at the Hobo Cedar Grove
  • Stopped at the liquor store in Fernwood
  • Stopped at the liquor store in St. Maries (success -- grasshopper [aka grasshoppahs] to come
  • Met Mom at the Mission Inn in Cataldo for dinner  
I have a couple of pictures from this day in project folder and on my blog, but, sigh, unless they are tucked in a folder that I missed, the majority of those pictures are like dust in the wind.

3.  I tried my first one of the season this evening.  Schlafly does indeed make a tasty, spicy refreshing pumpkin ale.  I enjoy fun beers and this one was really fun to drink. 

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