Friday, August 22, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/21/14: Smoke on the Train, Intro to Scrapple, *Boyhood* Worked for Me

1.  When I used to ride the Lane Transit Authority bus to and from LCC, the heavy load of travelers going over the 30th Street hill would put a strain on the bus' brakes, making them smoke and, from time to time, I could smell the smoke.  Today, on the Metro Yellow Line, I started to smell a similar odor, but by the time the train reached the Braddock St. station, smoke was everywhere and we all got out of the train and the smoke covered the platform.  Luckily, I wasn't on any kind of a schedule, and, because it was raining, Molly texted me out of the blue to see if I needed a ride from the Huntington station.  I told her what happened and, bless her heart, she drove to the Braddock station and gave me a ride home.

2.  I went to downtown D.C. today and decided to have a late breakfast at a divey diner, Lincoln's Waffles.  The joint was a labyrinth of counter space, tables, and junk for sale and a good number of people dined there.   I decided to have some eggs and, for the first time, scrapple and grits with coffee and English muffin.  Unfortunately, for my taste, my eggs were dropped on a very hot grill, making them leathery.  I'd definitely order scrapple again and I love grits.  My bread was over toasted.  Unless I want waffles, I probably won't go back to Lincoln Waffles, but I sure enjoyed trying out scrapple and I'll always order grits when I can.

3.  I went downtown to see *Boyhood*, the Richard Linklater movie that had been recommended by three of my favorite people from LCC, Pam D., Mary P., and MB.  I also planned on hearing Hiram play at 8:00 at the Sylvan Theater near the Washington Monument, but the concert was canceled by rain.  *Boyhood* worked for me.  I loved the concept, of shooting a movie over a twelve year period, so that the actors aged just as their characters did. Hmmmm.  You know, I'm going to write a separate blog post about this movie.  I have too many thoughts for 3BTs entry.  For now, suffice it to say that the movie stirred me in a variety of ways, some unexpected, in that it was the adults who really got to me, much more than experiencing the development of Mason, Jr. as he went from being a five year to eighteen. 

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