Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/26/14: flickr Update, Pumpkin Ale, First Day of School

1.  I spent quite a bit of time today updating my flickr account, here.  I'm afraid I manage this account in ways that are antithetical to inviting people to view my pictures.  Some of my albums have over a hundred pictures -- my "Sibling Outings" album has over four hundred.  Looking at these albums means looking at some successful pictures and some failed ones and at how I've tried to take the same picture from a variety of angles and with a variety of settings.  But, it's not like people are exactly breaking the Internet in the rush to see my photographs and it has actually helped me out a few times to have such a huge record of pictures I've taken.

2.  It was fun talking with Chris and Leah about the pumpkin ales they've enjoyed and they claimed that the best of all is made by Schlafly out of St. Louis.  I bought a six pack at Giant, didn't try it myself, yet, but Molly really liked it and Hiram took a swig and enjoyed it, too.

3.  I'd have to say that the Deke got a pretty good introduction to some of the challenges her new job will present.  It was the first day of school.  The children couldn't take recess because of fire ants on the playground so had to stay in their classroom where the Deke had to do some improvisation to keep the children occupied.  There were other challenges as well, including a sobbing mother, and after heavy traffic during her drive back to Groveton, the Deke was pretty tired tonight. 

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