Sunday, August 10, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/09/14: Diaz Family Returns, Bold Rock Hard Cider, Grilled Steak Dinner

1.  Olivia and David are back!  Molly and Hiram are back!  Their Florida vacation has come to an end and the Deke and I get to kick it into a higher nana/grandpa/parent gear again. It's wonderful all being together again.

2.  My ongoing mission to try every kind of DMV beverage I can continued this afternoon in a most refreshing way.  I picked up a six-pack of Nellyford, Virginia's own Bold Rock Hard Cider.  I enjoyed it a lot, even though it was just a little bit sweeter than my favorite ciders are.  But it wasn't too sweet and I'd drink it anytime, anywhere. 

3.  I purchased the steaks.  The Deke whipped up some sour creamed mashed pototoes and a green salad.  Hiram grilled the steaks.  Hiram is a pepper sauce aficionado and I joined him in pouring some pepper sauce in a little container to dip bites of steak in.  (I hope Pert Woolum wasn't watching from the other side...he would have hated me doing this....I enjoyed it...[sorry Dad]).  Oh my!  What a great dinner! 

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