Thursday, November 12, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/11/15: Leaving Orofino, Dreaming on Highway 12, Nourishment and Rest at the Turner's Home

1.  I enjoyed the hotel's sausage, egg, and bagel breakfast with Mom and Christy and piled my stuff into Mom's Malibu and hit the road for Gladstone, OR.

2.  It would be a dream come true for me to take about a week and drive Highway 12 from Lolo, MT to I-5 just south of Chehalis, WA and take pictures.  Today, the drive on Highway 12 from Orofino to just southeast of Pasco when I joined Rt 730 into Umatilla was spectacular.  Fall colors vibrated all along the Clearwater and the Snake Rivers.  I would have loved to have stopped to take pictures in Dayton and Waitsburg, to name a couple of places, as well as photograph vantage points along Highway 12.  If today had been more leisurely, I would have enjoyed taking about three days to do the traveling I did today, with many stops to take pictures.

3.  My day of driving reached its end with a couple single malt whiskeys and a dinner of tasty split pea soup, beef and lamb pieces, and roasted vegetables at Terry and Nancy Turner's house in Gladstone, where I got to rest up before heading to Creswell, Eugene, and Springfield tomorrow.

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