Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/17/15: Rita at Creswell Bakery, Dan at Ta Ra Rin, Tea with Sparky BONUS: Harold at Billy Mac's

1.  I drove from Chez Troxstar in Eugene down to Creswell and Rita and I went to the gorgeous Creswell Bakery for biscuits and gravy and a divinely delicious raisin cinnamon walnut roll.  We got to have a very good talk, say good-bye to each other, and hope we can see each other again in the not too terribly distant future.

2. Dan Armstrong and I were hired onto the full-time faculty at LCC on the same day and started our years out there in January, 1991.  We became great friends.  We had offices next door to each other for many years and hundreds of great conversations went down between us over those years.  Today, we met at Ta Ra Rin (Thai-Hop) for lunch and picked right up where we'd been before and got caught up on the many complex dimensions of our lives.

3.  Back in the early days of the Shakespeare Showcase -- then called the Term's End Shakespeare Recital --, the cast went out for post-show pizza and then Sparky and I would get on the phone late the night of the show and debrief about how it had all gone.  Well, the post-show pizza no longer happens and Sparky and I no longer talk on the phone late at night, but this afternoon I went to Sparky's house and we sat down over peppermint tea and talked for a couple of hours about the weekend shows and about the wonders of the plays and the poetry and the insights of William Shakespeare.  Two hours seemed like ten minutes.

BONUS!  After tea with Sparky, it was time for drinks with Harold Lannom.  I swung by his house and picked him up and we enjoyed a couple cocktails at Billy Mac's and had a great talk about our new lives -- his new life since selling and moving out of his house and my new life in Maryland.

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