Sunday, November 1, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 10/31/15: French Toast Heaven, Home Alone to Clean, Did Not Spoil Dinner at the Brewery!

1. Allison, The Deke, and I joined Adrienne, Alex, and the Diaz family for the most outrageously delicious croissant French toast with pure maple syrup cooked up by Molly.  There was bacon, too. But that French toast.  Oh my God!

2. I slipped away from the family get together and came back to our apartment home to do the cleaning I didn't do yesterday, including a shampooing of the carpet in our dining area where Maggie once had a few accidents when she was sick with a UTI, making it necessary to freshen that area up sort of regularly.  I was really happy that I could have some time alone at home today to get this chore done.

3.  Hiram, Alex, Adrienne, and I piled into the Diaz Element and trucked down to the warehouse wonders of the D C Brau brewery on Bladensburg Rd. NE in our nation's capital.  We had a blast -- there were revelations, big laughs, and dreams shared, and, wow, we each enjoyed a couple pints of fresh brewed beer -- I love the D C Brau Corruption IPA -- and Hiram bought perfect sized pizzas, a cheese/ basil and a pepperoni, from the food truck outside -- and it was NY style pizza with thin crust and burnt edges.  My favorite.  Perfect.

I should note, that the pizza did not spoil our dinner.  As best I can tell, everyone loved the beef stroganoff I made (Allison even got Olivia to try some, earning Allison the Anne Sullivan Miracle Worker Award for the day) and Adrienne and Allison both told me the tofu/cashew/mushroom stroganoff was really good, too.  I beamed.

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