Saturday, November 28, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/27/15: Fruit Cakes Baked, Zags Hold Off U Conn, Feasting on Leftovers

1. Mom has been baking fruit cakes in late November/early December for over fifty years.  She can't do it alone now.  She needs help opening jars, assembling ingredients, and, most of all, stirring the dough.  I was Mom's fruit cake baking helper today. I began to hungrily anticipate the day when I might get to have a piece or two when she poked holes into the little loaves and poured in brandy, the coup de grace to one of Mom's best recipes.

2. While helping Mom with the fruit cake assembling and baking, I kept an eye on the last five minutes or so of the Zags tilt with U Conn. Whew! U Conn stormed from as many as twenty-one points down.  They never led the Zags, but were within a point on more than one occasion. As in the Zags' loss to the Ags, Domantis Sabonis got into foul trouble and the Zags sorely missed him. Unlike the loss to the Aggies, today the Zags held on to win 73-70.  Christy and I will be in Pullman to watch the Zags and the Cougs on Wednesday night.

3. We once again got Mom's all-terrain walker out of the garage. I helped her down the back steps and guided her walker across her crunchy lawn to the new gate in the fence where we crossed into Christy and Everett's crunchy lawn. Mom sang the opening to  "Over the River and Through the Woods" several times to keep her spirits up and calm her nerves.  I helped Mom ascend Christy and Everett's back porch steps.  We stepped into the warmth of Christy and Everett's house and had a great dinner of leftovers.  Let me say to all of you who are reading this:  Christy had some doubts about the quality of her first ever turkey and the non-traditional dressing she cooked.  NO NEED TO HAVE DOUBTS.  The turkey was moist and flavorful and I'd love to eat the sweet potato-cranberry-orange dressing with every turkey dinner I ever eat in the future.  In fact, I think if I sneak next door from Mom's, there might still be some of that dressing I could warm up for a Saturday snack.

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