Thursday, November 26, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/25/15: Breakfast with Gonzaga, Mom Bakes Pies, Salmon Dinner Instead

1. Spending most of the month here in Kellogg means many things, but chief among them?  I get to join Christy and Everett as a temporary member of Zags Nation! The Zags played the U of W Dawgs at 9:00 this morning and Christy had bagels and cream cheese and really zingy Bloody Marys ready for tipoff.  What a great way to start the day, especially as the Zags pounded the ball inside where they dominated the Huskies and cruised to victory, 80-64. Next up?  Thanksgiving Day, 10:00 a.m., the Zags play the Ags of Texas A&M. I'll be at Christy's for tipoff -- hmmm... wonder what the Bloody Mary sitch will be.

2. Mom didn't need a lot of help baking a pumpkin pie and an egg nog pie, but I chipped in a little bit, cleaning some dishes, pulling the pies out of the oven, making mini pie crust cinnamon rolls out of leftover dough, and making a quick trip to the store. It's a solid indicator of how Mom's broken arm from last March has healed that she assembled and baked these pies almost entirely on her own.

3. Originally, our wake up with the Zags spread was going to include smoked salmon, but upon closer investigation, salmon that Christy thought was smoked wasn't.  No problem! Christy baked the salmon for dinner and brought it along with a tasty Costco salad and baguette pieces over to Mom's and she and Everett and Mom and I enjoyed a salmon dinner in the evening instead of a salmon ZagsBrunch in the morning.

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