Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/23/15: Malibu Serviced, Drive to Moscow, Pizza and Kenton

1. I dashed right down to the service center this morning in the Malibu to have Mom's car serviced and, later, talked with Paul and read online about the splash guard under her car that needs to be replaced.

2. Carol and Cosette swung by Mom's around 4 p.m. and Christy and I piled into Carol's car for a trip to Moscow to take Cosette back to her apartment.

3. The highlight of our visit to Moscow was not only having a half pepperoni half Hawaiian pizza at Gambino's, but that Kenton Bird joined us for a while for some conversation before he left for a meeting. We'll get to see Kenton again next week when Christy and I go to Pullman to see the Zags play the Cougs.

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