Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/24/15: Feeling Young, No Worries, Apple Cider Tasting

1. Christy and I piled into her Jeep Cherokee and braved the snow and bare roads to do some shopping for Thanksgiving at Costco and Fred Meyer and the liquor store in Coeur d'Alene. It was fun at Fred Meyer to feel young again -- I am sure that 90% of the shoppers were at least ten years older than me, and, as I peered into my future, I saw hope.

2. Carol texted my two favorite words to me when I have failed some one. Christy and I forgot to go to Michael's to buy some ornaments for Carol. I texted Carol my confession, filled with guilt and remorse. Carol texted me back, "No worries."

3. Carol not only extended mercy to Christy and me, but invited us into her home for dinner. Christy warmed up a Costco chicken pot pie and we ate a Costco salad.  We wrapped up our evening with an apple cider tasting, sampling the the two bottles of 2Towns (Bad Apple and Bright Cider) and two bottles of Reverend Nat's (Revelation Newtown Pippin and Revival Dry) cider I brought back to Kellogg from Oregon.  I love cider or beer or whiskey tastings and this one made me especially happy because Paul and Carol love ciders and love trying out new ones.

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