Friday, November 27, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/26/15: Kitchen to Myself, Zags Lose to Ags, Thanksgiving at Christy and Everett's

1.  While Carol and Paul are in Meridian, I am their housesitter and so I had plenty of room and plenty of solitude in the kitchen to start figuring out how I was going to make a vegetable side dish and prepare mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.  First thing, before the Zags/Ags game, I went to Yokes, picked up some groceries, returned to the Roberts' house, and chopped up two Mayan sweet onions and prepared some brussel sprouts for roasting.  Later, I roasted these vegetables along with green beans, red, yellow, and orange peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and yellow summer squash.  I tried out a crock pot mashed potato recipe -- lots of butter and about four oz of cream cheese -- definitely a holiday only batch.

2. In between cooking sessions, I joined Christy and Everett and watched the Zags go down in defeat to the Texas A&M Aggies.  I don't think Coach Mark Few needs me to tell him two things:  1. help Domantas Sabonis better understand the NCAA's crack down on play that is too physical -- in other words, keep him out of foul trouble.  Fouls kept Sabonis benched most of this game.  2.  Make free throws.  Missed free throws cost the Zags this game.

There was a kind of odd bit of trivia in this game.  Three Aggies who played a lot of minutes in this game shared surnames with three of the Washington State Cougars best players ever. The Cougar legends were Stuart House, Dennis Hogg, and Don Collins.  The A & M players:  Danuel House, DJ Hogg, and Anthony Collins.

I haven't found any mention that the Houses, Hoggs, or Collins are related.

But, I was having fun watching this game and having flashbacks to WSU teams from deep in the past, enjoying the memories of Stuart House, Dennis Hogg, and Don Collins.

3. Christy and Everett set up their living room so that they, with me and Mom as guests, could enjoy a great Thanksgiving dinner together.  Christy made a great pre dinner appetizer with baguette and a spread that was unique and delicious -- unlike any I'd ever tasted.  Christy's (first ever) turkey and sweet potato and cranberry dressing were fantastic as were her rolls and gravy. Mom's cranberries were delicious, as were the celery sticks she stuffed with cheese. My mashed potatoes and vegetable dish worked and Mom made two top notch pies, a pumpkin and an egg nog.  It was a great dinner and I hope we will get to repeat eating different parts of it tomorrow.

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