Monday, November 23, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/22/15: Day Off, Curtain Call, City Limits

1.  It being the Sabbath, Mom and I took a day off from the Task List. I wandered around the house, disoriented, unable to figure out what to do with myself.  Finally, I decided to shower and shave to get ready for the day's big event.

2. Mom and I piled into the Malibu and glided up to the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace to watch Carol, Paul, Cosette, Molly and the rest of the cast perform the eclectic musical revue of silliness, touching songs, and high spirits,  "Curtain Call".  The cast, red-faced with happiness, enthusiastically greeted us audience members after the show and it was a scene of pure joy and gratitude.

3. Mom, Christy, Everett, and I floated into Shoshone County's finest gastropub, The City Limits. Mom treated us to dinner.  I enjoyed three pieces of broasted chicken and a side of macaroni and cheese, and, even more, I enjoyed a pint of Cripple Creek IPA. I've enjoyed other tasty beers at The City Limits before, but never tried this IPA until today. It was the best beer I've drunk at The City Limits, brewed, I should add, by North Idaho Mountain Brewery.

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