Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/18/15: Road Nap, Eugene's Ghosts, Dinner with Patrick

1. I slowly got up and at 'em this morning and made my way out of Eugene, after a couple of unsuccessful Duck Store visits, on to I-5.  Thank goodness for rest stops. All the excitement of the last several days hit me near the Santiam rest stop and I pulled over and took a solid nap.

2. I don't know when I'll ever return to Eugene, but the ghosts of Eugene will always be with me. The vast majority of the ghosts are friendly, some haunt me, but they all piled in Mom's Malibu as I took a last spin around some familiar places in town and as I left Eugene, reminding me of many happy days and many difficult ones, too.

3. Patrick and I met for dinner at the Tabor Tavern on East Burnside and enjoyed two of my favorite things:  great food and great conversation.  I enjoyed listening to Patrick tell me that things are going very well at work and that he is enjoying making music with his friends in Eugene and having some excellent visits with his buddy Adam in Mapleton.

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