Saturday, November 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/20/15: List, Recycling, Dinner

1. While I was in Gladstone and Eugene, Mom composed a list of thirteen things she wanted done around her house and I got going on it today -- and even performed a few unlisted tasks. I dusted the ceiling fan, turned off the outdoor water taps, drained and stored garden hoses, watered Mom's house plants, and turned Mom's front and back doors from screen doors to glass ones. I'm sure I'll keep knocking tasks off the list in the next few days.

2. To add some excitement to my day, I left the house and took two loads of papers, magazines, cardboard, plastic bottles, and cans to the recycling station down the street.

3. Christy cooked up a delicious and unique potato soup, one made with hash browns, and brought it over to Mom's with a green salad and bread, and Christy, Mom, Everett, and I had a warming and comforting dinner together.

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