Sunday, November 29, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/28/15: Cleaning the Living Room, Will the Tree Fit?, Great Guys Meet at Penny Lane

1.  The Task Lisk shrank this morning when I vacuumed the living room, then moved the sofa, love seat, two chairs, and three end tables away from the walls and vacuumed behind them, washed the woodwork, and cleaned the picture window.

2. Now the question of the day, maybe of the month:  will Mom's Christmas tree fit in the living room with her current lineup of furniture? I descended into the basement and found the box with the artificial tree in it, brought up the stand, pole, and the bottom row of branches and assembled them. It's tight, but I think we can shoehorn the tree into its traditional corner in Mom's living room -- so, I know what I'll be spending much of my Sunday doing -- it will involve two dreaded words in our family:  storage closet.  (The storage closets are two areas upstairs with a small portal. Mom stores Christmas decorations in one of the storage closets and I will get to squeeze into the north closet, strain my knees, bump my head several times, shine the flashlight, and start pulling out boxes of lights, ornaments, and garlands -- an odious task lightened only by the joy of the Christmas spirit!).

3.  Holiday plans kept the whole of the Hall of Fame of Great Guys from assembling today at Penny Lane, but we had a great meeting all the same on Don's patio with a fire roaring in his fire pit/fireplace.  Ed, Byrdman, Jake, Don, and I enjoyed beer and other cocktail and scarfed down superbly grilled cheeseburgers along with the crock pot of killer beans that Byrdman brought.  As always, the stories were awesome, everyone got picked on, and laughter filled the air of the northwest corner of the Sunnyside neighborhood.

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