Friday, November 13, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/12/15: Practice with Marcee, Sparky and 16 Tons, Billy Mac's and Dvorak

1.  Got up and at it early at the Turners and drove to Creswell to get things straight with Rita about our day and then drove up to Marcee's and we had a great time getting our co-narration for the Showcase rehearsed.

2.  After a terrific lunch conversation with Sparky at the Washburn Cafe, I drove to 16 Tons to meet up with Cliff, Jeff, and Don, the guys I used to drink ale with every Thursday afternoon when I lived in Eugene.  Great time!

3.  I sped over to Billy Mac's to have some dinner with Russell, Anne, Michael, Allie, Lynn, and Pam. It felt great to enter back into this great and regular Thursday evening get together.  I didn't get to stay long, though -- Rita and I went to the symphony to hear her daughter play the English horn solo in Dvorak's New World Symphony -- which she performed brilliantly.  It was a great sensation hearing Dvorak again -- about twenty years ago, when I lived alone, I used to put Dvorak on the cd player as I went to sleep and I enjoyed remembering those days and that funny habit I had at night.

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