Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/09/15: Kellogg's Colors, Annie Lennox at Wal Mart, Risky Dinner

1.  It was a dark and gray morning in Kellogg, but the rain held off long enough for me to take a walk uptown to the bank to do some business for Mom and to take some pictures of leaves with my Pentax Q.

Trail Motel on Cameron

South Fork of the Cd'A River

Scout House and the Old Lincoln School 

Kellogg's Mansion

2. Christy and I joined forces to run some errands for Mom at the City Hall, Yoke's, and Wal Mart. I'm not crazy about shopping at Wal Mart, but when the Eurythmics suddenly came over the store's music system, I heard Annie Lennox sing "Hear Comes the Rain Again", I stopped, positioned myself underneath a speaker, and the world of Wal Mart stood still for about three minutes.  It was blissful.

3.  I volunteered to fix dinner tonight.  No, I didn't foist eggplant upon our family, but I did sautee onions, poured in about three pounds of cubed sweet potatoes, added shrimp, and then covered it all with shredded kale and chard leaves.  I also cooked up some broccoli and Christy made a cabbage salad.  I was nervous about whether this meal would work, but everyone liked it.  Huge relief.

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