Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/10/15: Seeing Uncle Bob, Thanksgiving Dinner in Orofino, Helgeson History

1. Mom and I piled into the Malibu and I drove us to Orofino, Mom's hometown, and we stopped along the way at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Lewiston to visit Mom's brother, Uncle Bob, who is under observation for some problems and was doing pretty well:  alert, sharp of mind, funny, and, above all, happy to see Mom.

2. Our destination in Orofino was a visit and a Thanksgiving dinner with Cousin Lura and Lyle -- with the added bonus of Cousin Mark.  We had a relaxing afternoon of cocktails -- whiskey and ginger ale for me! -- and settled into a magnificent turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes, an apple/carrot dish, biscuits, gravy -- the works.  Christy brought a dessert called Pumpkin Dump -- I think you just get out a bowl and dump canned pumpkin and a cake mix and other stuff together, whip it up, and somehow this delicious dessert is the result.  It was a great dinner and a top notch family get together.

3. My Grandma West and Aunt Lila were both employees at the Helgeson Hotel in downtown Orofino and now it's called the Helgeson Place Hotel Suites.  Until tonight, I'd never been in the Helgeson -- I guess it was always off limits when Grandma was at work -- but tonight we settled into our most comfortable and neatly attired two bedroom suite for some rest and good night conversation after a full day of travel, terrific visits, and fantastic food.

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