Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/13/15: Energy Bonds, Brails Coffee Summit, Rehearsal

1. I drove up to Starbucks in the former Wendy's building on S. Willamette so I could have an internet connection and worked on a revised version of the introduction to the Shakespeare Showcase. A conversation at the next table included reference to "energy bonds" that connect us to one another and to how the character of a person has texture and fragrance and I realized that I had never overheard anyone talking this way in Prince George's County in Marylan

2.  Nate, Margaret, Michael, Jeff, and I got as much about the world figured out as we could within the nearly two and a half hours we spent over coffee at Brails Coffee House. Lord.  There's a lot going on in our lives and, therefore, a lot to talk about.  It's hard to let these conversation go, knowing I'll be leaving Eugene soon and not knowing when the next Brails Coffee Summit will be.

3. It's a long, often tedious process to mount a show of over twenty individual scenes from the plays of Shakespeare, but from about 3 in the afternoon until about 1 in the morning, the company currently performing the Shakespeare Showcase got it done through a long rehearsal and the show is brilliant.

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