Friday, November 6, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 11/05/15: 'Log Life, Easy Times Next Door, Eat Like a King

1.  Things have slowed way down.  Here in Kellogg, I like to call it 'Log Life. Coffee. TV with Mom: The Today Show, The View, The Chew, General Hospital, The Doctors, weather updates on KREM. A few favors here and there -- like doing a load of laundry for Mom, nothing big.  It's 'Log Life.

2.  Christy lives next door so I can go on over any time and have a cup of coffee, have a smash (not today, but....), enjoy Shelby and Annie, listen to a joke from Everett that never fails, talk cameras and then come back over to Mom's and, when I want to, head back next door for some more easy times.  It's 'Log Life.

3. Carol and Paul came over to Mom's for dinner.  Christy brought over a stunning mac and cheese. Wow. She put her improvisational abilities to work in her kitchen and cooked up a mac and cheese with about 100 different cheeses along with half and half and I don't know what else -- it was heavenly. So was the salad she served on a platter with salad mix and apples and shrimp over the top. One thing for sure when I come home.  I always eat like a king.  That, my friends, is 'Log Life. 

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